About us

The company exists to explore the possibility for small and medium businesses and to help them grow their businesses and be productive and successful throughout the country.  

The company through, its experience, understands the ecosystem’s latent requirements and through which our inspiring content will act as a bridge to collaborate with other stakeholders that are mutually beneficial to all. 

The platform cuts across three key segments centered around the SME ecosystem viz. Policy, Finance & Technology. We carry forward a rich experience in the area of content creation and market outreach programme for the SME ecosystem. 

We believe the SMEs in India have resiliency built in their entrepreneurship capabilities and have the capabilities to survive the worst of the times and to emerge back stronger than ever before. 

We are here to highlight your story and help you scale up your business. 

TheSmeIndia Mission 

“We are committed to the small and medium business enterprises and act as a platform for connecting, assisting and promoting scalability in an ever-changing marketplace.

Vision – To cultivate and foster entrepreneurship talents in the small and medium sized business sector and to make them internationally competitive.

Our Team 

Dr Venkatesh Iyer

Dr Venkatesh Iyer, a well known media expert whose career spans across 2 decades with esteemed publications like The Hindu and The Indian Express. 

Dr Venkatesh will be heading the content and research at TheSmeIndia. Academically his doctoral thesis on the “effect of the internet and other media on print media” has helped him earn a degree in the doctorate in management. Dr Venkatesh is a life coach and management expert who has successfully coached and mentored entrepreneurs and the student fraternity. 

Drop him a hi at : Venkatesh@thesmeindia.com