ARAPL to launch seven new warehousing robotic products by mid of 2021

Strap – The cost of iron raw materials has tripled, and with little oxygen available in the industry, metal cutting has created a bottleneck.

Milind Padole

Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd (ARAPL) is a Pune, India-based company that has been a leader in the automation world for over a decade, servicing the automotive, non-automotive, general industry, and government sectors. The company is a BSE listed entity (small exchanges) In a Q&A discussion Milind Padole CEO and MD of Affordable Robotic &Automation Ltd. (ARAPL) shares his view on the effect of current lockdown and the usage of artificial intelligence in their business.

Q. The effect of current lockdown? How different it is compared to the earlier full lockdown on manufacturing.

The current lockdown we are working at 50% voluntary. The rest of the team is working from home.  This time we are prepared as we have seen last year’s lockdown. Only the change during this lockdown is the cost of Iron raw material which has gone up by three times. Also, there is minimal oxygen supply to the industry so metal cutting has become a-bottleneck.

Q. Your business depends on other automobile organizations, kindly let us know how you plan and execute and space your work in such disruptions.

We are into Capital Goods suppliers so our projects always have a cycle of 4 to 6 months. So normally with one to two months lockdown, we are not affected much workwise; however; cash flows get disturbed as our customers are partially operational.

Q. How do you make use of AI in this space.

We have been making Robots for the last 15 years and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an integral part of our machines. Machines are getting smarter day by day. We are adding new additional features in AI like vision; navigation & Natural Language Processing.

Q Can you take us through your next business venture – automation in warehousing and how it will help the SME industry? 

We are launching seven new warehousing robotic products by mid of this year. These products are for 3PL logistic companies and the E-commerce industry. We will be exporting this through our Shanghai; Detroit & Brazil offices into their local market other than Indian markets.