CashFlo adds three game-changing features to its Dynamic Discounting Platform

Automated pricing engine sanctions and multi-source financing choices are among the first-to-market, India-centric features.

CashFlo, a digital supply chain finance platform, has added three new features to its core dynamic vendor financing platform, including milestone-based financing, deep-tier financing, and a corporate treasury-cum-multi-funder platform. Integrating these first-to-market, India-focused features resulted in a 5X increase in customer returns.

CashFlo has a robust, rapidly expanding network of 2 lakh SMEs and 50+ major Indian corporations. By facilitating a frictionless flow of working capital to the supply chain, CashFlo enables vendors and dealers to have access to affordable short-term capital and dramatically boost purchasers’ bottom lines.

With rates as low as 5% per annum and a triple-benefit of milestone-based financing from PO to final payment, deep-tier discounting, and a corporate treasury-cum-multi-funder platform, CashFlo will maximise discounting flows across all vendor categories of a buyer, unlocking significant value for both buyers and vendors.

The latest upgrades to CashFlo’s dynamic discounting technology have increased the percentage of buyers’ spending that are discounted, which is a vital criterion for determining the scope of any such programme. In the Indian market, 10-20% of spending covered by dynamic discounting programmes was previously regarded enough; CashFlo has been able to raise this coverage to as much as 50%.

CashFlo’s Founder and CEO, Ankur Bhageria, stated, “We have invested a lot in building our engineering and product capabilities to cater to the unique needs of the India market, and results are now beginning to show. Ever since COVID wave 2 subsided, we’ve witnessed rampant growth in business and are the only platform today that is able to deliver 5x value vs. traditional dynamic discounting platforms in the market. It’s reflected in the fact that India’s leading corporates are coming onboard at a rapid clip and seeing true value realisation. And we are achieving this in a responsible way, being true custodians of their supply chains and supporting their partners in their growth journey”.