How this dairy tech enterprise brought transparency in dairy supply chain

In an insightful conversation, Prompt shares their note on how they found a business opportunity in the dairy supply chain by leveraging technology and how it has brought transparency and boost in productivity.

Shridhar Mehta, Director at Prompt Dairy Tech

Shridhar Mehta, Director at Prompt Dairy Tech in a conversation with TheSMEIndia talks about the business opportunity he tapped in the dairy supply chain by using technology and how they’re spread across 50,000 villages and clocking 30% growth year-on-year. Edited Excerpts:

Q. How did you start Prompt? What was the gap in the industry you were targeting?

Prompt diversified from power tools to electronic weighing scales for the dairy sector in 1992, and is today a leading equipment and software solutions provider across the dairy supply chain. When we started, there was lack of transparency in the milk collection process as the entire data was maintained manually. Technology was penetrating in almost all industry sectors, but there was little happening in the dairy industry, and especially at the grassroots level. We believed there was tremendous scope for technology interventions to boost productivity of cattle, to enhance transparency between farmer and dairy, and usher in greater efficiency by digitalizing the dairy supply chain, and this is what led us to foray into the dairy sector.

Q. How’s the growth been so far? 

We are very happy with our growth trajectory and the way things have happened. We have grown at 30% year-on-year since 2015. As market leaders, we have been continuously mapping challenges of the farmer and the dairy industry and introducing new products to address the market need. Today, we are adding at least two new products, and one patent every year. Our products are present across all segments of the dairy value chain, right from cow to consumer. In the last five years, employee strength has gone up from 300 to 800. We are now present in 50,000 villages across 24 states, and have 84 service locations. We continue to constantly expand our presence and reach.

Q. Is the tech built in-house or outsourced to some extent? How’s emerging technology leveraged here?

We have a development team of 250 engineers, and our entire technology is developed in-house. We are making extensive use of emerging technologies such as cloud and IoT. We are adopting cloud computing in a big way for strategic purposes, as it is not just cost-effective, but also easily scalable. In fact, all our products are cloud-enabled, which also ensures transparency and traceability in the value chain. In line with the government’s call for an Atmanirbhar Bharat, we are proud to say that every product of ours is “India Mein Banta Hai, India ko Samajhta Hai”.

Q. Are the solutions only in India or exported abroad as well?

India is obviously our focus market, and also the biggest. Over 50 lakh farmers in India pour milk through our systems and applications on a daily basis. We believe our solutions can be equally effective in other countries, and have started approaching Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Nepal.

Q. What are your growth/expansion plans in the coming months? 

We have big plans for the coming years. In the next five years, we plan to add centralised data of every cattle, which would allow advanced insights and help strengthen the animal husbandry sector. We plan to use Big Data Analytics as a driver of innovations and product development. We are focused on developing IoT-enabled products for greater accuracy, clarity, and better predictive analysis. We are also working towards 100% cashless payments, and for improved data transparency between all stakeholders in the dairy industry. We are aligning all our innovations with the government’s vision of doubling farmer’s income by helping improve milk quality, strengthening cold chain infrastructure, eliminating adulteration, and enhancing livestock productivity. These measures will go a long way in ensuring economic uplift of dairy farmers.