India SME Accelerator Network conducts a five-week Virtual MSME Growth Revival Accelerator Program

As MSMEs were coming out of the impact of the first wave of Covid-19 pandemic, the impact of the second wave has hit the industry hard except a few. India SME Accelerator Network conducted a five week MSME Growth Revival Accelerator Program.

India SME Accelerator Network conducted a five week virtual MSME Growth Revival Accelerator Program aimed towards improving the prospects of MSMEs to steer the current stress in the ecosystem. 

The accelerator network said, “MSMEs have been some of the most impacted businesses. With revenue loss owing to cancelled orders and dwindling sales, manpower related issues, cash flow problems, the pandemic has really stressed this business segment. To help the MSMEs recover from this situation, and to help them revive their growth, India SME Accelerator Network has developed a program specifically designed for growth of MSMEs.” 

The program is a mix of training, mentoring sessions and consulting along with industry experts across a wide range of topics. There are sessions on business strategy, finance, cash flow management, sales, digital marketing, legal and compliance, HR & Personnel, funding and growth planning.

The program invites experts from different industries and organisation like NSE, Razorpay, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, RXIL, Adfactor PR, AnB Legal, IAVC. 

Shalini Dabholkar, COO, India SME Accelerator Network, elaborated on the need of the hour for conducting such programs, especially since the second wave of the pandemic has further impacted most businesses that were either trying to recover from the 2020 impact or were trying to redefine themselves for growth.

Rohit Dabholkar, CEO, India SME Accelerator Network, reiterated that MSMEs are the backbone of the economy and the next level of growth will happen from this sector. It is only important to build their capabilities in the long-run and provide them with an ecosystem that nurtures their transformation and growth in good and bad times.