Khatabook launches the Naam Hi Kaafi Hain campaign for MSMEs

The campaign acknowledges the importance of "NAME" in MSME enterprises' fostering customers' strong sense of trust.

Defiance of the phrase What’s in a name? “that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Khatabook on the occasion of the International MSME Day, released its latest brand campaign, Naam Hi Kaafi Hai (Name is enough) which emphasises the importance of Name as a a personal connection between small enterprises and the consumer.

Highlighting local businesses in India rely on their goodwill, and that their name is sufficient to conduct business, the campaign acknowledges this unique quality of Indian small enterprises, where MSMEs develop and enjoy a strong brand value and reputation in the niche they service. Contrary to major corporations’ technology-driven customer experiences, small businesses’ focus on human engagement with customers results in superior customer experiences the foundation of MSMEs’ service delivery is social interaction and personal attention.

The “Dil Se Local” campaign, launched last year, attempted to get people to pledge their support for small, neighbourhood businesses. Taking the campaign further, the company is now focusing on a unique quality of small businesses that enhances our ties to nearby enterprises.

63 million MSMEs in the country contribute roughly 30% to India’s GDP, their experiences, struggles, and aspirations are untold which Khatabook wishes to bring these tales to life.

The company this year, is concentrating on providing financial services via its tech platforms while continuing to expand its comprehensive portfolio of tech products for MSMEs.