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As India progresses towards the vision of a $5 trillion economy even after the blows of the deadly pandemic waves, MSMEs are the ones who have shown resiliency. To attain the growth of a $5 trillion economy, growth and off-take of MSMEs is equally important as they are the second largest employment generating segment. From textiles to automotive to pharmacy to defense, numerous industries & enterprises are managing their business with scarred supply lines of inputs. As per industry estimates, MSMEs are credit starved to the tune of over Rs 20 lakh crore. As India progresses with a turnaround economic recovery, the time to support MSME entrepreneurs with capital is now, to unleash the animal spirits of Indian businesses and entrepreneurs. The SME India is organizing a conference to discuss and explore how MSMEs can take benefit of the low interest rate regime and get access to diverse sources of capital, and how can they manage their finance and credit requirements.

January 21, 2022

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Trends in MSME Lending to watch out for


Lending For Growth And Revival of Indian Economy

As MSMEs go through a time tough to manage their business amidst the pandemic blows, meeting timely credit requirements could go a long way in ensuring they not only survive but thrive too.


New Age Lending To Old Enterprises With Digital

MSMEs are not lagging behind in adopting digital technologies, this has renewed their focus to enhance productivity and efficiency as new business models emerge. Financial Institutions are too willing to place a bet on the old entities who are on the transformation path by adopting emerging technologies.


Fulfilling Credit Requirement By Cash Flows and Invoice Discounting

Given the canvas of MSMEs, not all would be in position to place strong collateral against credit. For these enterprises, their cash flows and incoming revenues can do wonders to manage their working capital cycles and funding requirements to expand.


Simplifying MSME Lending Via Account Aggregator

The Account Aggregator Framework is an effort by the RBI to enable an open banking ecosystem where different entities are on one network from lenders to marketplace to financial institutions. Credit underwriting can happen on the fly and MSMEs can get unsecured loans 2-3x at better rates as compared to conventional models of lending.


SME Insurance: Covering Unforeseen Risks

Trade Credit Insurance as an example is a way MSMEs can protect their receivables by insuring them. In case if the buyer defaults on his promise to pay the sum, trade credit insurance can be a fantastic tool to protect the transaction once goods have been delivered. Similarly, SMEs need to focus on understanding the benefits of Insurance.

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  • MSMEs & Associations
  • Mid-Size Corporates
  • BFSI Institutions
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Chartered Accountants

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