The Wadhwani Foundation launches a campaign to encourage women entrepreneurs

The Wadhwani Foundation has launched a digital campaign that features five women entrepreneurs from various industries sharing their entrepreneurial journeys and encouraging both aspiring and growing female entrepreneurs to take advantage of the improved entrepreneurial support ecosystem to pursue their dreams.

Wadhwani Advantage

‘From one Woman Entrepreneur to Another,’ a special campaign dedicated to aspiring and current women entrepreneurs in India and recognising their indomitable spirit, was launched by the Wadhwani Foundation on Monday. The campaign presents inspiring and successful tales of female entrepreneurs from various industries and backgrounds, motivating women from all over the country to pursue their business goals.

This campaign includes a series of video messages from five female entrepreneurs who discuss their entrepreneurial path, including how they got started, how they built their products and services, how they overcame obstacles, how they created chances, and why they got started.

Moqierish Tak, Co-Founder and Director of India Assist, speaking at the event said, “We get defined by what we achieve, but before achieving, it’s more about how we survived. Entrepreneurship is all about surviving the challenges and not losing focus on the light at the end of the tunnel and eventually reaching there.”

Women have always been enterprising, according to Shabari Raje, co-founder of, but today they are making global influence beyond imagination. “I’m honoured and ecstatic to be a part of this business family.”

HerMoneyTalks Founder Nisary Mahesh noted, “Entrepreneurship is a path chosen by the individual. However, the journey is shaped by every decision you make along the way.”

PickMyWork’s co-founder and CSO, Kajal Malik, remarked “Biases exist even in the year 2021. They will affect you as well. Don’t let that get in the way of your success!”

Sirohi’s Founder and Director, Gauri Malik, remarked “We all want to be Wonder Women as female entrepreneurs. But you don’t understand it’s a mindset until much later in your business experience.”

Wadhwani Foundation’s Executive Vice President, Global Marketing, Atul Raja, stated, “Encouraging and inspiring women entrepreneurs will have a significant impact on our economic progress. Of the 63 million MSMEs in India, only 6 percent are led by women entrepreneurs, and these have mainly resulted from necessities and not opportunities. So, there is a need to unlock the massive untapped potential of women entrepreneurship in India which will provide a boost to job creation and allow social and economic independence for better outcomes at the community level.”

With mentoring support, appropriate networks, skills training, improved financing alternatives, and, most crucially, the emergence of a large number of women entrepreneurs as role models, the stage is set to promote women entrepreneurship in India.