There is nothing a woman cannot accomplish – Anita Kukreja

Every Women is unique, nothing can stop a women, believe in yourself.

Anita Kukreja, Head Marketing & Channel Sales at IceWarp India, joins us at on the occasion of International Women’s Day and shares insights on how women have scaled their passion and interest in the corporate and entrepreneurial world.

Q. Hello, Anita, Could you please walk us through your journey as a female entrepreneur, including the challenges you faced on both a personal and professional level?

I am glad that we are speaking on this subject. It has been extremely encouraging over the years. However, when I first started there were only  a few entrepreneurs because women in work was considered a taboo and also earlier women either opted for the traditional bankers or a teachers job.

I come from a traditional family, I had to be persistent with my family members in order to make them understand and support my dreams. I have supportive parents who have encouraged me, as well as my mother-in-law who persisted in pressing me to go back to the industry after my sabbatical. I also wish to thank my husband and son for pushing me to do what I want. I have been fortunate enough

There are many unfortunate women who are unable to pursue their careers. By the time they reach their goals, they have given up due to family challenges, which is why we have fewer women leaders. The bright side is that more and more women are coming forward today.

How many women work in the industry in India, and what observations do you have about women’s participation?

They are advanced countries, and only a few are still collecting the threads. Gender bias in India has shifted. India is a country that allows for a level playing field. The support system must be effective. There is no shortage of opportunities because women have proven themselves, and mindsets have shifted over time. Equal opportunities are provided by India as a country.

What can be done to change this, and what do you anticipate?

There are many women who serve as role models for newcomers. We’re celebrating female tech leaders with the hashtag #IronWomen. We want to mentor entrants, motivate them, and inspire them to become who they are. Small differences have a big impact on society. Women’s Day should be celebrated every day, and we don’t need a special day to do so.

The current initiative allows us to commemorate International Women’s Day by encouraging aspiring female leaders to come out, show their support, and embrace themselves. We women are more powerful than what is portrayed. The campaign #Ironwomen is assisting us in bringing more and more female leaders (CIOs/CISOs) to the fore. Initiatives like this inspire an increasing number of female leaders. There were fewer women when I joined, but there is now a lot of dynamism as the thought process changes with the entry of women. There must be diversity in each and every role because it adds a lot of dynamism.

What message would you like to send to aspiring female entrepreneurs?

There is nothing a woman cannot accomplish that you have not dreamed of, and if you perceive it, nothing can stop you because nothing is impossible. Go for it if you believe in yourself. Each of the women is unique, so just go for it, chase it, and I am sure you will find it.

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