Women taking a lead in the SME ecosystem

Women have made great strides across different walks of life, whether in a corporate career or in running a business successfully. This special feature focuses on the untold story of some women entrepreneurs who’ve seen a long road to make their ventures successful as where it stands today.

The small and medium business ecosystem has roughly 3 million businesses being run by women entrepreneurs and is bound to grow by leaps and bounds. As technology and finance becomes more accessible and simple to understand policies with ease of doing business, women are poised to play a great role in the growth of the SME ecosystem and thus the growth of the overall economy.

As India in this decade marches on towards a double digit growth, women cannot be left behind in this growth journey. It’s not only about equality but also about equity.

On this occasion of International Women’s Day, we bring you the untold story of women entrepreneurs in different sectors of the SME ecosystem with what kept them going, how did they manage their business with ups & downs and their advice to other women entrepreneurs.

One key-takeaway and the commonality across all of them – They never gave up on their dreams and goals. We are sure you’ll enjoy reading this insightful and experience rich driven journey of women entrepreneurs in the SME ecosystem.

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