Women’s Day Special Roundtable Discussion: Inspiring Journey & Opportunities

On this occasion of International Women’s Day, TheSMEIndia brings you a special roundtable discussion with three women entrepreneurs across different verticals of the small and medium business ecosystem. They share their journey and thoughts on how they’ve successfully overcome all odds to take their ventures to newer heights.

As the small and medium business ecosystem grows, it is important that there is an equitable growth and increased role of women in the ecosystem.

TheSMEIndia.com organised a roundtable discussion with founder women in the ecosystem who share their journey, the ups and downs associated with it and the endless opportunities.

Anita Dhingra, founder at Manmohan Exports, a firm into jewellery designing and handicrafts shared in an increasingly male-dominated industry she began her venture thirty years ago and how she worked up on her strengths and weakness. She also emphasised on the business foundation practises she embraced like integrity, authenticity, determination and hard work which helped her stand out from her peers.

Iram Maimuna, founder at E-Waste Social, a venture into recycling of e-waste and circular economy, emphasised the importance of environmental protection in light of the massive amounts of e-waste that humanity has generated in recent years and the amount of contribution to carbon emission. She explained how, in their search for Jugaad (makeshift), Indians try to reuse the commodity, as opposed to the west, which employs use-and-throw practises.

She touched upon her entrepreneurial journey in the sunrise industry and how other women need to come out more and take risks to start on their own and create successful ventures.

Finance is one such aspect which both the gender often misses out on. Nisary Mahesh, founder at HerMoneyTalks, a personal finance website for women, emphasised on the importance of women being financially independent. She highlighted how often women are found lacking in this field of finance due to lack of proper knowledge.